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My New Website is Up and Running

Princess Zelda Watercolor

During the duration of three months, I have setup up a new redesign of my website Alan Funk Design. Since its relaunch in late January 2017, my objective is to use my talents as an illustrator and graphic designer to help with anyone’s business needs. I take you on my personal artistic journey as I document my latest projects both commercial and personal.

Animethon 2017

On January 20-21 2017, I attended this year’s winter Animethon at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Although I never booked a table as an exhibitor, I was inspired to draw the crazy and quirky atmosphere of people and objects at the convention. I grabbed, whatever paper pad I could find and began sketching. For still life subject matter, I drew convention displays such as mannequin busts and medieval costume props.

But what if you want to draw your personal fan art? It is handy to take photos of costumed visitors in dynamic poses (before doing so, you should ask people permission ahead of time).

If you love drawing as a hobby, or you want to practice your skills professionally, taking personal sketchbook field trips to give you self confidence. Sketchbook drawing is great when you feel frustrated working on that project that’s not working out right but still satisfy your “hunger” for creative fulfillment. Maybe these drawings could inspire you to make something for personal portfolio. Regardless of what you draw, make sure you have fun doing it.

Below are sketch studies I made during the 2017 Animethon.


Ink Drawings


Mannequins 2

Watercolour Pencils

Princess Zelda Watercolor


Dragon Ball Z

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