Fracked Up

Thumbnail Sketch:

Fracked up sketch

 Completed Project:

Fracked up frame

Below are a few images of “Fracked Up”  displayed at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, Alberta 2016.

Fracked Up Gallery-1

Fracked Up Gallery-2


“Fracked Up” is a piece I submitted for Happy Harbor Comics’ annual art show, Visions of Comics 2016.  The exhibition explored the conceptual interpretations of the three-word phrase “To Be Continued.”

In keeping with the theme, “To Be Continued,” “Fracked Up,” explores sequential art’s power to reflect the present and inspire the future. Inspired by Robert Crumb’s “A Short History of America,” “Fracked Up” illustrates the consequences of unchecked hydraulic fracturing.


Water colour paint, ink, and marker

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